Thursday, February 28, 2013

Indiana Jones and the Lost Scripts

Indy discovers an ancient UFO
Mental Floss has great three-part series on the scripts that were almost made into movies. Some were meant to be more comedic, others began to take on the science fiction flavor that was prevelant in the last installment, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (KotCS).

While some of the "coulda' been" storylines might be heartbreaking for fans, there's some really great inspiration for writers, world-builders, and lovers of pulp action adventure. Check it out!
Abandoned concept for a Lost Expedition ride at Disney

  • Part 1: Indiana Jones and the Monkey King - A 1985 attempt to revive Indy after Last Crusade and would have followed that film's comedic tone. Indy's female sidekick, "Betsy with a Brooklyn" accent might have been a recipe for disaster!
  • Part 2: Indiana Jones and the Saucer Men From Mars - A noble "Indy vs. Aliens" effort that would have come to theaters in the mid 90s, but the wild success of Independence Day closed the door on Indy until...
  • Part 3: Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods - Frank Darabont's scifi script that was sadly rewritten (a number of times) and finally became KotCS.

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