Monday, April 20, 2009

Crossing the Threshold...

Ever read a news story and thought that it sounded like a plot from a movie? Or seen a story on a newly discovered creature or scientific discovery and imagined what it would be like in a story or game? Well this blog is all about those "truth is stranger than fiction" aspects of our world that could actually become seeds in a growing imaginary saga. Think of this as part X-files, part Indiana Jones, part DaVinci Code. Or just think of it as a place to get new ideas for that project your working on.

So where does this goofy title come from? In Greek mythology, the hero Theseus was cast into a mysterious underground labyrinth and stalked by the half man-half bull minotaur. He used his wits to surprise and slay the beast, but he still had to escape the treacherous maze. He took with him no torch or lantern to light the way in the darkness below. He had only a spool of thread, which he unfurled as he entered the maze so he could find his way back out by touch alone. The thread was his anchor to the outside world and his way home. Without it, his adventure would have come to an untimely end forever trapped in the twists and turn of the labyrinth. And without the notion of it in his story, his his quest might not have had captivated generations of adventure seekers since.

So take note: this is your gate to a world of adventure that lies around every corner of the globe. Like the thread in the maze, you can pick up clues that might serve to inspire you as you weave your own weird, mystifying, and fantastic tales. Get ready to follow the THREADS OF ADVENTURE!

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