Friday, March 18, 2011

Are you ready for this weekend's SUPERMOON?

Learn what makes a big full moon a true 'supermoon' in this infographic.

On Saturday, March 19, at 3:00 p.m. Eastern time, the SUPERMOON arrives! The moon will appear bigger due to it's orbit, the moon will appear bigger, brighter, and more beautiful than usual.

At its peak, the supermoon of March may appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than lesser full moons (when the moon is at its farthest from Earth), weather permitting. Yet to the casual observer, it may be hard to tell the difference.

The supermoon will not cause natural disasters, such as the Japan earthquake, a NASA scientist has stressed.
That's a relief! There will however be slight effect on ocean tides. For the full story and more moon facts, check out the

So get your cameras, binoculars, and telescopes and get out there and have a peek at the largest moon in nearly two decades!


Manuel Sierra said...

I forgot to prepare my camera. A real pity

Jay said...

I hear you Manuel! It was cloudy all day here the day of the event!