Monday, April 26, 2010

Night vision glasses, cell phone cameras on the way!

Not-so-light-weight night vision...
Well, while scientists are still perfecting personal jet packs and flying cars, they've managed to whip up a few other goodies, namely, night vision in your prescription glasses using a film developed for flat screen TVs. MSNBC is on a roll with technology posts today:
Most night vision devices today use massive amounts of electricity — often several thousand volts, according to So — and heavy, glass lenses that maintain a vacuum to make the night come alive. So's device takes a radically different turn, replacing glass with thin plastic, eliminating the vacuum and using energy-efficient, organic LEDs.
Oh, let's just cut to the cool part already:
In other words, heavy and bulky night vision goggles could be replaced with a thin, lightweight coating weighing less than half a deck of playing cards.

According to the article it should take about a year-and-a-half to apply the new tech to car windshields, lightweight night vision eyeglasses and mobile devices.

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