Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bigfoot of Bemidji

Photo: Grand Forks Herald via Minneapolis Star Tribune
I can't say I've ever been a huge Bigfoot believer, but then again there are odd cryptozoological finds every now and again. An ancient species thought to be extinct is found somewhere or something thought to be mythological is found to actually be real.

It appears that someone's motion-sensor camera captured what appears to be a seven-foot primate walking in the woods behind their house. I'm not saying it's Bigfoot. But the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Minneapolis is my neighbor, I'm in glorious St. Paul, Minn.) seems to think it is--though local authorities and the DNR remain skeptical.

From the article:
On the rainy night of Oct. 24, at 7:20 p.m., the camera captured a blurry image of a black creature, about seven feet tall, striding through a stand of trees.
He said two elderly men who live closest to the site told him that late that night they had gone outside to use their outhouse and had heard strange squealing noises.

When asked to show him the direction of the sounds, they pointed to the area where the camera had been.

...and also...

They compared the image to one of an alleged Bigfoot photo taken years ago in California "and the features were identical," Kedrowski said.

Sherman said the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Research Team has been receiving reports of Bigfoot sightings in 2006 and has had reports every year since, including four reports this year.

So, it looks like Sasquatch Season has begun!

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Narmer said...

Still looks like a guy in a costume to me. I guess I'm a skeptic.